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Small steps.

The apartment is truly a disaster. For folks who have been here before when I've said, "Oh no! Hark! The apartment is a shambles!" and had it appear mostly a little cluttered... this is not one of those times. I haven't been home much for the last <n> months, and have pretty much been slothlike when I have been here, so flat surfaces are rare, and there are paths between the rooms. dvorak finally got fed up with at least part of it and started cleaning the kitchen and the computer room. I can't blame him for not touching the living room or the bedroom, since 99% of the mess in those rooms is mine.

I've been home more this week, but have been very tired while here. I did make a little bit of progress on the coffee table, and had almost unearthed the area around my desk before it promptly got reburied with stuff from other parts of the living room. But tonight! Tonight, I actually made a teeny bit of progress. I picked up the random clutter and clothing in the master bathroom, and the room almost looks like only a small thunderstorm went through there, instead of a full-blown hurricane.

I'm going to try to get some progress in on the living room tomorrow. Really. I am. Oh wait, maybe not. dvorak has moved his stuff off of the Desk of Doom, meaning that it's now my turn. The thing needs to be unearthed by Wednesday night so huey and Hanover can come move it out, and dvorak would prefer I do my puttering in there while he's asleep (which isn't really a problem, as our sleep schedules only overlap by an hour or so, and the computer room is on the opposite side of the apartment from the bedroom). So, maybe tomorrow will be devoted to working on the laundry which is in the living room (don't ask) and unearthing the desk. At least, until something more interesting pops up.

But now, I've been up since 5, and since I am not mizarchivist. I didn't do something smart like go to bed early (you did go to bed early, right?), so I'm pretty well exhausted. I think I'm going to stretch out and read myself to sleep.

Good night, all.

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