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Why in the world did I wake up at 5?

Why am I sitll awake?

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Um, maybe you were getting up with Jess to go to her bike class? :}
I was just going to say: SEEEE? You can do it! Now come move to Boston- by next season I can take you on a ride ;)
Hee hee! Dad is determined to give me this old motorcycle that he's going to be restoring this summer. Originally, he suggested that I ride it back from Kansas when I go back this summer, but I posited that perhaps my first "real" motorcycle ride shouldn't be a 1,400-mile cross-country trek on a newly-restored motorcycle that has otherwise been sitting for nearly 20 years. He conceded this possibility.

But, hrm. Yeah. Riding in Boston. Sounds... dangerous. :)
Oooh! I can blame her! Ha ha! (Must remember to look stern the next time I see her. Hey! Stop laughing! I can look stern!)