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Why in the world did I wake up at 5?

Why am I sitll awake?

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Well, go and make yourself a nice breakfast. I mean, if you have to HAVE a morning, make it a good one. (Of course, I'm hours behind you in San Francisco, so anything might have happened.)
Is it that kind of warm summer DC area rain? I'm so jealous. Here the rain is always cold...
Yeah, it isn't so warm as to add to the heat of a walk, but isn't cool enough to chill you off. Really quite nice. Walked down into Old Town and back. Just what the doctor ordered. :)
5am was about when I started trying to go to sleep ... then the people working on next door's roof started with the compressor, nail guns, etc, at 8am pretty much right outside my window.

It confounds me that there are late-night noise laws, but no early-morning noise laws. Stupid daywalkers.
Um, maybe you were getting up with Jess to go to her bike class? :}
I was just going to say: SEEEE? You can do it! Now come move to Boston- by next season I can take you on a ride ;)
Hee hee! Dad is determined to give me this old motorcycle that he's going to be restoring this summer. Originally, he suggested that I ride it back from Kansas when I go back this summer, but I posited that perhaps my first "real" motorcycle ride shouldn't be a 1,400-mile cross-country trek on a newly-restored motorcycle that has otherwise been sitting for nearly 20 years. He conceded this possibility.

But, hrm. Yeah. Riding in Boston. Sounds... dangerous. :)
Oooh! I can blame her! Ha ha! (Must remember to look stern the next time I see her. Hey! Stop laughing! I can look stern!)