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Anyone wanna hire me?

Well, I add myself to the labor force. Or rather, my company has added me to the labor force. So, if you know of anyone who's looking for a tech writer / project manager / sysadmin / webmaster type person, please feel free to let me know. I'm looking mostly in VA/DC/MD, but moving to MA isn't out of the question.

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otoh, you don't work for the Dumb Company anymore... that's got to be worth something...
Assuming you don't mind working in Reston, Rackspace is always looking for people for their new data center. donnerjack works there already and seems to enjoy it pretty well.
Er... erk. You got laid off? Bleah bleah bleah.

Good look with job hunting.
yikes! that's the second person I've heard of in a week!
After all that? Cripes, they're taking bad licorice.
Check out my company, FGM. It's a fun company to work for, we have a big office near Dulles airport, and there are some web project lead type openings at the moment.
They're not inherently finicky, but it does depend on what the customers' requirements are (some contracts do include various degree requirements). I don't have a degree myself, other than a ULC DD. If you want to get one, FGM is happy to help out.
Sorry to hear that, meri :/ Hope you find something wonderful! Good luck *crosses fingers*