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Saturday recap (backdated).

When staying with friends, I always feel kind of bad when I wake up and am not great company for a while.

I really shouldn’t be allowed to interact with people until I’ve been awake at least two hours. Well, really, the problem is that I don’t interact with people until I’ve been awake for a couple of hours. I sit and stare, or read, or just kind of zone out until some part of my brain goes, “Oh, right, awake time now.” I spent the time after waking up at lizzie’s packing and straightening up the bed and showering and whatnot, and eventually managed to work around to feeling human. I chatted with lizzie until arr and ardy showed up, at which point the four of us and tefler stood around being silly for a while. We did, however, finally get around to saying our goodbyes, and arr, ardy, and I piled into arr’s car and made our way to Jer’s place in Worcester.

While developing a plan for the afternoon, Kiki and Boo Boo, Jer and Delenn’s new bunnies, were set loose in the kitchen for me. This was, of course, so I could oooh and ahhh and basically regress to the age 5 watching the cute bunnies hop about and be silly. Unfortunately, these bunnies aren’t quite the people bunnies that JR and Bailey were, but they were still sweet and adorable, so all was well. After I had spent enough time giggling and pointing at the bunnies, and trying to convince people that I really wasn’t hungry (one of my new meds makes my appetite all wacky, and I’ll often only eat once a day, or go 20 hours or so without eating; this seems to distress arr and Delenn), we (now joined by leaf) set off for the Davis Animal Farm, where we planned on spending much time petting and scritching the cute aminals.

Once there, we piled out of our respective cars (except for arr, who is very very allergic, and would be staying in her car), and all made use of leaf’s sunscreen (I was very careful to cover my arms, remembering the icky sunburn from my Giant Panda Interpreter days). Then, we went in, and saw many many aminals. (And I, of course, have many many pictures.) Goats and sheep and a horse with dreads, and cows, and pigs, and more goats, and a spotted llama, and geese, and more goats, and more sheep, and more pigs, and baby goats, and chickens and turkeys, and bunnies, and did I mention there were goats? There was also a “Hawaiian Shave Ice” stand (I am sad to report that it was not really shave ice. They served sno-cones, not shave ice. Alas.). Sometime shortly after we arrived, hamlet and hop joined us, which was wonderful, since I certainly don’t see enough of hamlet (yay, hamlet!). And hop had a great conversation with a couple of gigantic pigs. And there were newborn baby goats that were just too adorable. And a whole family of very loud sheep. And and and. ardy and Delenn in particular were big hits with the aminals (which continued ardy’s Dr. Doolittle spree from earlier in the day, where Fred (lizzie’s cat) decided that ardy was neat and cool after having spent the previous evening and all of the morning shunning me (*sigh*)).

But after a couple of hours tromping around getting slimed by aminals, the breeze died down, and it was suddenly Very Warm. I was also feeling guilty about abandoning poor arr in the car (even though I was specifically told not to feel guilty, and that if she didn’t want to do it, she wouldn’t have offered). So, we fortified ourselves with cold drinks from the concession, and made our way to the parking lot. Hamlet and hop split off, so the remaining four of us (leaf had already left, having had an earlier engagement for the evening) squooshed back into the car with arr, and we made our way back to Jer’s.

Once at Jer’s we all collapsed on various parts of his floor and couch, and started pestering people to come eat dinner with us (called Megazone and woke him up, and called lizzie and left a message for her). Then, we waited around (Zoner is particularly bad at getting places quickly), Delenn napping and the rest of us chatting and goofing around. It was then that arr noticed that my back was Quite Pink, and that I was going to have one heck of a sunburn. (Remember that sunscreen I slathered on at the animal park? Well, I only covered my arms. For some reason, it never occurred to me that my back or chest or face would sunburn (my face didn’t, but my back and chest did), and that the little tanktop I was wearing certainly wasn’t going to afford me much protection.) Amusingly, however, leaf’s sunscreen did do an excellent job. You can see, on my shoulder, where I wiped the last remnants of it from my hands, as I have five lovely sunburn-free fingers jutting into the bright red that is the rest of my back. Hee. I have to admit, as owie and itchy as it is, that image is just too damned amusing. I’ll have to take a picture (duh) before it fades. I had a stretchy lacy shirt that I had meant to have been wearing all day before I decided it was too hot and opted instead for just the tank top (which was a very unmeri thing to do, so if any of you were thinking it was kind of weird, it was; I don’t normally wander around dressed like that. At least, not in public.). I went to put the shirt on, and discovered that the lacy bits and the sunburned bits were not compatible, so that didn’t last.

Enough of our contingent was growing sufficiently hungry that we decided to make a break for the restaurant, leaving voice mail on Zoner’s cell phone telling him where to meet us. Once there, my stomach, which had denied the importance of food for about 22 hours at this point (I hadn’t eaten since the wedding the night before) suddenly said, “HEY! FEED ME!” I became lightheaded and ravenous, and ordered way way way too much food. (We had gone to an Indian restaurant, so everything was family style, so I kept ordering things for the table.) Zoner found us, and we all ate. And ate and talked and ate and talked. And ate.

We finally gave up on eating, with about 3 solid meals’ worth of food left on the table. We had the leftovers packed up, and ventured back to Jer’s. We watched the pilot of the new release of the remake of the He-Man animated series. The new series seems to have much promise. It has much better animation, at least. The hokey humor is definitely still present, however, so viewers beware. After the show, we hung around chatting and laughing and basically goofing off, until it came time to start heading back. arr, ardy, and I said our farewells, and I received many homemade samosas from Delenn (mmm), and we started the drive to drop ardy off in Lynn.

The drive there was fairly uneventful, and was spent in silence, or singing (!), or stuck in traffic, or marveling and other drivers who had fundamental problems with basic vehicular concepts such as “you only get one lane, damnit.” After dropping ardy off, arr and I got a teensy bit lost (oops), but made our way back to Beverly unscathed. Somewhere along the line, it started becoming very apparent to me that the whole “Getting up very early to go to the MIT Flea tomorrow” just wasn’t going to happen, and I felt bad, since I had wanted to go with Nelson, and we were supposed to meet up with mute, whom I had wanted to spend time with, but hadn’t managed to see other than for fleeting moments at the wedding (not that it was his or ford’s fault that I didn’t see them; god knows they were busy!). But, we didn’t get back to arr’s until nearly midnight, and I anticipated having some serious sleeping problems thanks to the sunburn, even though arr had sacrificed a tentacle from her aloe plant and did a wonderful job slathering goop on my back. So, we wrote a note for Nelson (who was still out at a concert), and proceeded to our respective rooms to fall down go boom.

Nelson, of course, got home about five minutes later, and I explained my woes, and he was very understanding (while snickering at the amusing patterns of my sunburn; not that I can blame him. I would snicker, too.). And then he went to go fall down go boom, too.

And that was Saturday.

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