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By the kindness of semi-strangers...

So, I called the Safeway pharmacy at 3:50 PM to refill my Monday meds. The following conversation ensued.

<pharmacist lady> Um, we close in 10 minutes.
<me> Oh, that's ok. I'll pick them up tomorrow.
<pharmacist lady> We're closed tomorrow, for the holiday.
<me> ... Oh.
<pharmacist lady> You normally take these on Mondays, don't you?
<me> Yeah. Hrm.
<pharmacist lady> Ok, get here as quickly as you can, and knock on the pharmacy door. I'll stay here until you get here.
<me> !

How cool is that?
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I so love when people go out of their way to be nice. It is such a refreshing thing to see, and restores a little of my faith in people. :) Yeay for good karma!