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Friday recap (backdated).

Let’s see….

I kind of rolled out of bed at 10:00 this morning. I had woken up a couple of times through the course of the night, and especially the morning, mostly due to the fact that there was actual light in the room, which was something my brain is not prepared to deal with. arr and Nelson had warned me about it, and told me I could draw the curtains, but as an experiment, I decided to brave the light. Silly me.

After puttering around the house for a while (during which time arr made me eat breakfast, the big meanie), I loaded up all of the crap I was going to be taking to lizzie’s (and really, it was an impressive amount of crap), and arr and I ventured out into the world. We drove to Salem to visit Harrison’s Comics and Collectables so I could get more of my comic fix. I think that I’m going to give in and start subscribing to single issues of the series in which I am already caught up. I just don’t have the patience to wait for the compilations when I know the stories are coming out. I did my bit to keep the American economy going there, and then we drove around, looking at the pretty houses and the ocean (water!). We drove up through Marblehead and saw some simply stunning houses that I will never in my life be able to afford (*sigh*). After the tour, it was time to head over to lizzie’s, so off we went.

Did I mention that lizzie doesn’t have air conditioning? Well, she doesn’t. It was quite warm at lizzie’s place, and we had a couple of hours to kill until Carl (lizzie’s beau) would be showing up, so we kind of lounged about moaning about the heat and picking on each other. Oh yeah, and I finally got around to writing out the cards for mute and ford’s wedding presents. Oops. Oh well, a little procrastination never hurt anyone. Finally, the time to came to get spiffied up, so I hopped into the shower, and stood under a stream of water as cold as I could endure. But, to no avail. I got sweaty pretty much immediately after getting out of the shower. Oh well. I donned my dress and my shirt, and brushed out my hair, and put on my makeup and my shoes, and tried not to feel too ridiculous in this foreign costume I was wearing. arr and lizzie assured me I looked ok, but man, that felt weird. Carl arrived, and the three of us piled into the car to head to the wedding, while arr headed home.

The drive out to the wedding site was very scenic. Lots of trees and fields and the like. Very nifty and calming. We were pretty quiet on the trip out, and ended up getting to the wedding site just as mute and ford were having the last of their pictures taken (apparently, mute kept blinking, requiring many many retakes; poor the ford). Once inside, I hooked up with my date, Delenn. (Delenn is Jer’s sweetie, and since Jer was in the wedding party, she was kind of adrift for the evening, so Jer and I concocted the plan that Delenn and I would be the exotic lesbian couple (Delenn is Indian, you see…)) We milled about for a while, and I hugged and greeted many gweeps that I hadn’t seen in many moons, then Jer decided to ush us to our seats, and we did our people watching from there.

Shortly thereafter, the ceremony started. It was very short, and nearly completely devoid of religion. (Yay, ford! Yay, mute!) Once the ceremony was complete, there was more milling about, and I slipped into my role of “annoying Asian chick with camera.” (It’s what I do, see? I had actually taken pictures during the ceremony (I asked beforehand, and seated myself on the aisle), but I didn’t want to use flash, so I ended up getting lots of blurry pictures. But once the ceremony was over, I wandered around blinding people with abandon. In fact, Doug declared that he was forming a new religion, and that I was the god, as every time he looked at me, he saw a blinding flash of light. Hee!)

More mingling, more photography, some dancing (mute and ford had compiled CDs for the DJ, so there were many many good tunes), more hugging and greeting and catching up. Dinner was entertaining, as we had the “half goth, half grandmother” table. Anne S., Micah (Mmmm. Micah.), myself, and Delenn were of the ‘dark exotic types’ with Anne in a cute black dress and knee-length black boots, Micah in a gorgeous Chinese-cut dress with her awesome hair (pictures in the gallery), myself in the black and red lace, and Delenn in a beautiful Indian-print skirt and top. We had interesting dinner conversation, and great food. (Once again, this whole process was turning into something I had panicked about and worked myself into a tizzy over… for no reason. I’m really good at that.)

After dinner, Delenn and I continued plotting. See, we had noticed Micah (Micah is mute’s brother’s girlfriend) before the wedding, and agreed that she was just stunning. Great figure, curvy without being plump, slender without being bony. A wonderful dress that required a figure like hers. Jet black hair cut short in the back and angled dramatically past her chin in the front, with great dark blue highlights. An elfin face. So, before dinner, Delenn and I decided that Micah was evil, and to top it off, she would probably turn out to be smart and friendly and funny, too. Our dinner experience confirmed these suspicions, and thus we had a goal: We had to find a way to study her and clone her. But we weren’t obsessed. Oh no. Ahem.

Where was I?

Oh right. After dinner. More mingling, more dancing, more photography. I, of course, did not dance (I used to dance quite a bit, in my high school and early college days, but there is about twice as much of me now, and I wasn’t graceful when I was skinny, so I figure it best to not test my luck these days), but I had great fun taking pictures of people dancing. (ford is the only person on the planet who can make dancing the Time Warp look elegant, by the way.)

lizzie and Carl and I ended up saying our goodbyes around 11:00 or so, with many promises to come back next month for Purgatory (and more laughing responses to people asking me when I’m going to accept the inevitable and simply move up to Massachusetts). The drive home was uneventful, and mostly spent discussing family and children and pets.

Once back at lizzie’s, I wasted no time getting out of my costume (especially my shoes, which left visible creases in my feet still obvious now, a day and a half later). I wandered upstairs and hung out with lizzie and tefler for a while, until it was time to head back to the basement and konk out for the night. (With the fan on, and the patio door open, it was actually pretty pleasant in the basement. Yay.)

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