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Seeing red.

So, I can't seem to find the hair dye that I've been using for the last year or more in the stores any more. This is very frustrating, since it was the first dye that I've found that actually dyes my hair red, instead of giving me red highlights. Even more frustrating is the fact that the manufacturer's web page still lists it (#49: Beyond Cherry). I'm sure it's out there somewhere, but, for some reason, my brain decided that I really really needed to redye my hair today. (Yes, roots are showing, but that happens like a week after I dye my hair, my hair grows so fast.) So, I picked up some L'Oreal Excellence HiColor, which is made for dark hair.

Now, those of you who have played along at home for quite a while might remember that I've had a wide variety of reactions to hair dyes. Anything from, "Huh? There were chemicals in my hair?" to "I think I've lost all the skin on my head." So, I'm kind of nervous about switching hair dyes. But hey, it's already been sitting in my hair for 20 minutes, and I still have 10 to go, so I guess it's a bit too late to worry about such things now. Plus, I know where my Benadryl Gel is (good stuff, that). (At least, I think I do.)

Also, why the hell do I keep dyeing my hair in the middle of the night? This is not the best idea in the world. Hrmph.

Oh yeah, and I'm out of latex gloves. I knew I should have picked up more today while I was at Sally's. Ah well, I shall make a note.
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I always find that I dye my hair in the middle of the night. I don't know what there is to that odd compulsion but you are not alone ;)

Ahhh! Always good to know that one's insanity is not localized. :)

And yes, I do indeed remember you! And you are most welcome to join the Gweep community. I didn't realize I had set it up to be restricted. Uh... *pokes at it* Huh. Interesting. Well, it is no longer a closed community, and I will be trying to dig out the offending brain cells that caused me to set it so. :)

Also, I just friended you. So nyah! (hee.)



And no, your insanity is widespread. I dyed my hair red at Northeastern one year and slept the whole night with the dye in my hair because I did it so late. Whups. Didn't hurt anything though. Lucky me. I'd have been rightly pissed if I'd awakened bald. ;)

I'll friend you too! Yeay!