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Fall down go boom.

The trip to Massachusetts was kind of interesting. dvorak took me to the airport, and I was on my way down the escalator to the US Airways counter when I saw dvorak come rushing into the airport. Turns out that I had left my RIM pager in the car (like I thought I would), and he thought I might want it. What a great guy. After retrieving the pager, I went and checked in, and made my way to the gate.

First, I got searched at the security checkpoint. This, of course, failed to surprise me because I always get searched at the security checkpoint. Once I ran the gauntlet, I stopped at one of the random news stands and grabbed a magazine. Apparently, my brain has really decided that I am a smoker again, as instead of saying, "Just the magazine, please," I said, "The magazine, and a hard pack of Marlboro Mediums... No. Wait. Just the magazine." The clerk looked at me. "No, cigarettes, then?" I shook my head. "No, I don't smoke." The clerk gets a knowing look on his face. "Oh, you just quit, didn't you?" I looked sheepish. "About four years ago." That little episode complete, I finally get to the gate, and plop down at a table to wait for my flight to be called.

In addition to the standard airport patter, I also hear a voice over the loudspeaker asking for the owner of the bags left at gate 44 (directly in front of which I was sitting) to please come get them, or the bags would be turned over to the police. This warning repeated a couple of times, and then I saw the bomb-sniffing dog show up, with the police. I, being me, took pictures of the dog, and got weird looks from the police while doing so. Apparently the bags were deemed safe by the dog, for shortly after the dog and the police left, we heard the voice over the loudspeaker asking for a specific person to come retrieve her bags from gate 44. "Ooops."

Finally, we get called to board, and I go stand in line. As expected, I was pulled out of the line for a 'random' search, and had to remove all of my jewelry, remove my shoes, and have my bags searched. They also scrutinized my driver's license. They didn't believe that the ID was mine. Now, I know I've gained some weight and cut and dyed my hair since getting the license, but really, I didn't think the change was all that dramatic. I finally convinced them that no, I really didn't have another photo ID, but that I was indeed the person I said I was, and they let me on the plane.

I got seated fairly quickly, mostly due to the fact that the flight was largely empty (I ended up with a set of 3 seats to myself) and that I was in the second row of the plane. The person in front of my had some odd problem with not spilling beverages (he spilled three separate drinks over the course of the trip), which created an interesting little puddle running down under the seat next to me, but luckily, I didn't store things under that seat, so that was ok. At some point before takeoff, while the plane was still boarding, I moved my arm, and my watch fell off. "Huh." So I picked it up off the floor, and noticed that it was not as long as it should have been. It had broken into two pieces. The watch I just bought for this trip. Yeesh. And now I have no girly watch for the outfit tomorrow. Bleah.

The remainder of the flight was uneventful, as was the process of meeting up with arr and getting back to her place (well, as uneventful as Boston driving gets, that is). After futzing around at her place for a while, the three of us (arr, myself, and arr's husband Nelson) went out for dinner. Sushi and ginger chicken. Yum! Then we went over to the nearby Newbury Comics, where I found all sorts of things that I had to own (including an Emily the Strange shoulder bag, the new Gloom Cookie compilation, and a 'Goodbye Kitty' magnet featuring a Hello Kitty with a bullet hole in the forehead and a toetag). We then wandered around the nearby geek bookstore whose name I don't remember, and I talked myself out of buying the new Eric Meyer CSS book, but just barely. After leaving the bookstore, we went to Richardson's Ice Cream, where I got... Maine Bear (?). Black rasberry ice cream with chocolate bits. Quite yummy. Then a quick stop at the grocery store, and we came home.

Once back at the house, arr and Nelson put up groceries, and I went to fetch my laptop to see if it would play nice this time. The last time I was here, their local wireless LAN refused to work with my laptop for more than a minute at a time, and even that minute was only after a reboot. But, this time, everything worked like a charm, and came up on the first try (courtesy of my having configured my laptop for their LAN the last time I was here). Thus connected, I settled in to watch The Royal Tenenbaums (what an odd, odd movie).

Near the end of the movie, arioch showed up on IRC with great news. He's got a job! He's going to be working for Electronic Arts / Origin. This includes a move to Texas, which doesn't thrill him, but it's at least Austin, so things could be worse. And, he's going in as a junior sysadmin, but after almost a year of unemployment, combined with the opportunity to work for a gaming company, it wasn't something he was going to turn down. Yay, arioch! Congratulations!

And now, I should probasbly try to get to sleep, or at least start being more sedate. arr and I are going to spend the morning tromping around together, and then I have to be at lizzie's by 3 to get ready for mute and ford's wedding. The rest of the evening will be spent at the reception, and then I'll be crashing at lizzie's. Saturday, it seems a bunch of us are going to a petting zoo (could this have been inspired by my trip up? Surely you jest!). So, I probably won't be back and chatting until Saturday night at the earliest. But, this monster update should have all of you sick of me anyway.


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