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The geese are not safe!

Rawr! Awake! Way way too awake! Going to go scare some geese. I am the mad honker what honks at... uh, roughly 2AM.

Doesn't have the same ring. Perhaps I can learn to say it in goose.

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My first seven thoughts on this subject all probably could be hit with 'racist!', 'sexist!' or 'abusive to Disney characters'.

Wow. My brain's less politically correct than I thought it was.
Why sir! What in the world could you possibly mean? I am a paragon of youth and innocence and purity!
Lessee. Paragon = para-gon. Para- = faulty, abnormal. -gon = figure having angles. Therefore: paragon: a dysfunctional multi-angular figure. How this applies to youth and innocence and purity I leave to the reader to discern. Hint: it probably has something to do with being folded until all sharp corners.