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Has anyone seen my appetite?

No, really. It just went away, somewhere.

I ate lunch with Tracy and Kyle on Saturday, and had a slice of pizza and a bowl of soup.

Didn't eat for the rest of Saturday.

Didn't eat at all on Sunday.

Had half a peach and a little thing of rice and vegetables because kazmat social-engineered around me, getting co-workers to bring me food.

Still not hungry. I know, delenn1122, I promised you I'd eat at the theater, and then at home, but I'm just not hungry. The idea of eating anything makes me rather nauseated.

Stupid stomach. Still not king.
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bad tummies react well to fresh ginger...

take a slice
put it in hot water, drink the water, then slowly nibble and eat the slice
helps reduce nausea
no kidding
after that you could attempt to eat some broth or drink some gatorade at least :-)
Lack of hunger is probably stress related. The longer you go without eating, the worse it will get (as your body gets used to (again) not eating). Eat lots of small things spread out through the day.