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Plagued by paperwork.

So, I need to renew my passport.

In order to renew my passport, I need my social security card. I lost my social security card years ago, in Hawaii.

In order to replace my social security card, I need my birth certificate. (See where this is going?) When my parents left Hawaii, my father carefully handed me my birth certificate, and told me to not lose it. I'm pretty sure I managed to not lose it for a few years.

In order to replace a lost birth certificate, I have to go to the State Department. No, really. I was born overseas, on a military base. The US Consulate issued my birth certificate. Well, my "Certificate of Live Birth of US Citizen Abroad."

That will take 4-8 weeks, on average, from the time I send in my paperwork. And, I'm going to need a bunch of information from my parents in order to fill in the papework.

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Oof. I lost my drivers license and my passport at the same time. (Purse stolen, 1995). Much to my annoyance I was unable to use an expired passport as sufficient ID to get a new drivers license and had to go get a new birth certificate. Etc. Very odd.

Yeesh. 8 weeks. You're far more organized than I to know 8 weeks ahead that you not only need a new passport but a whole bunch of other stuff to get it.

Yeah, the lost SS card is actually the result of a stolen wallet, IIRC. I redid the whole SS-replacement / new license thing, but, at the time, I still had my damned birth certificate, which helped. :)

Of course, when I moved here, the only valid ID I had was my passport, and it was very surprising, the sheer number of places that wouldn't take it as ID. "Huh?"

As for organization, it isn't so much that I'm organized as it is that a specific series of events conspired to make me plan ahead. :)