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[books] World's Worst Read English Major Book Club.

So, bouncingleaf and I were talking a while ago, and we came ot the conclusion that we were the worst-read english majors on the planet, and joked around about starting a book club.

I'm liking this idea, and thought I'd, oh, actually do something with it, so I made a list. Step 1: See if anyone else is interested.

I shall now work on Step 1. Anyone interested? I'm thinking a book a month, weekly discussion of chapters here in LJ. I'll start a community or something. Books would be picked by me, your benevolent dictator. I will, of course, take recommendations. They will likely be things you were supposed to have read in high school or college, particularly if you were an english / lit major.

Speak, bookworms!
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Add me as a "sometimes". :-) I can't force myself to read books that I find unappealing. That's not to say that I think you'd pick something unappealing to me, but I'm on a book-a-month mailing list and I've had to bow out of a few discussions because the selections were so unappealing that I couldn't bring myself to read more than the first 100 pages of the book.