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I should be packing...

Today has been quite the emotional rollercoaster. No reason, even. Just my brain and body decided that I was going to be tired, then sad, then bouncy, then giddy, then tired, then panicky. We're working on panicky now.

I really do need to pack, though. I suppose deciding what I'm going to take with me would be a good first step. At some point today I had joked that I was going to be so frazzled when I packed that I would show up in Massachusetts with the clothes I was wearing, a suitcase full of comics, and a stuffed panda. (Nobody even blinked when I said that. I'm not sure what that says about me.)

But, I am not packing yet. I am... carefully not packing. I will end up doing this at the last minute, and forgetting something important (dress? shoes? makeup? toothbrush? cell phone?) and then panicking about that.

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