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And the 80s strike back again.

Whoa. Concert coming up: Berlin, A Flock of Seagulls, Modern English.

Anyone in the DC area wanna go? :)
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80's! 80's!
I'm totally into that idea. 'Course, I have no idea who you are, which may or may not be a problem. Vval knows you, which is a testimony to your coolness, tho.
Re: 80's! 80's!
Not a problem for me, so long as you don't mind meeting random people. :) (And, in Vval's defense, she's met me once, about 5 years ago. *grin*)
so, what night of the week is that? there's a thing in the catskills i'd be wanting to go to the weekend of the 20th...
It's a Thursday night. I'm going to a concert at Wolf Trap the night before, and driving up to Massachusetts the next day... wait. Is Baitcon that weekend? Aaaaaaargh! Have a party in Massachusetts on the 21st. Damnit. This was going to be my first Baitcon.