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Important lessons learned.

If you are hungry, and looking for a place to eat dinner, first check your calendar. If said calendar says that it is May 5th, then do not, under any circumstances, go to a restaurant that in any way, shape, or form pretends to be a Mexican restaurant.

Also, if you are going for a walk late at night, do not fall asleep on a park bench. It gets cold and windy, and park benches as a rule are not terribly comfortable.

This is the extent of my shared wisdom for the day.
Another lesson: Never sleep on a warm steam grate. Yes, they doo feel really nice, but there are times when they shut them off late at night. Then you are cold, wet, and miserable.

Sleeping on top of computers is the way to go. I recommend the Decsystem 20 series for the steady drone of the CPU fans; the later VAX 780 and 8600 series systems are just too quiet by comparison. Do not sleep on the disk drives; some luser at 3am will wake you up at the wrong moment in your dreams.