Isn't everyone?

I never know how to answer those kind of tests. I mean, do they want your average behavior? Or especially bad behavior?
reading through the descriptions of various disorders i recognized assorted gamer personalities.. thought that was interesting

additionally..... i think "Histrionic" applied quite accurately to almost every gamer chick I know at least at some point in her life, as well as most WPI chicks....

i think having exaggerated relationships and a delusion that everyone loves you and doing things to get attention are understandable in situations where the male-female balance is so off and the males in question are absurdly shy and worshipful

but i think these descriptions only qualify as disorders if they interfere with your life... the behavior of any one of them seems not entirely uncommon - it's the extreme versions of that same behavior that constitute a disorder... for example.. one of my storngest scores was in obsessive-compulsive, for valid reasons... my behavior has always been along that line ... but never at the end of the scale where it's disruptive to my life (though it may have been irritating to my classmates and coworkers, etc)

one of my favorite lines from "Girl, Interrupted" (where the main character is diagnosed with Borderline "Borderline what? between what and what?!?!?") is "She thinks she hot shit because she's a sociopath"