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This is where I get to laugh hysterically, right?

The conference call? The one that is supposed to start at midnight? Well, it's been pushed back until 12:30.


It is slated to run until 7AM.

Seven. A. M.

I get to laugh hysterically, right?
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and the point of this meeting is....?

(other than fucking with people's minds, that is.)
I believe the entire purpose of the call is to participate in some sort of demented group schadenfreude.
We're cutting over 26,000 users (was 14,000, but we found more) to another ISP, starting at 12:30 tonight. We are anticipating the worst. I suspect we will get it.
Hope you have a pillow with you so you can zonk out for the 6.49 hours of useless blather that you'll have to wade through to get to the 0.01 hours of real work.