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Possible victory?

I know I'm cursing myself saying this, but I think that I might have figured what was causing my laptop (yes, the new one) to crash.

At first, I thought it was Exceed 8, but I'm running it elsewhere, and it's not crashing, so probably not.

Then, I thought it was Photoshop, but, see above.

Finally, after much finagling, I think I've figured it out to be the driver for the internal wireless card that this thing uses. How annoying. And, I can't seem to find any updated drivers for it. Hrm. I guess I should check Dell's site.

But, I have disabled the card, and I haven't had any crashing yet. (Yet.) (Knock on wood.)
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What is the card? Dell TrueMobile 1150 or something like that? I have one of the MiniPCI versions of it in my notebook. If so, it is rebadged Lucent/Agere/Orinoco hardware, and the stock Lucent drivers and switching software should work just fine.

If that does not work, then check for any BIOS updates for your notebook model from Dell.