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Less meri.

So, my weekly weigh-in has me down 30 pounds since October. :)

Let's see, at 5 pounds a month... I have... 20 months to go!

But hey, it's progress.
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There's less of Lothie, too, now that I've started back on low carb. Not MUCH less but I can see the difference. And this is a good thing. Congrats to you!
Whoot! You're doing much better than me, I think. I can't actually see the difference. Ok, except in my fingers, because all the rings are loose now. But, a couple of people who don't see me all that often have said that they can see it. Maybe I'm just too close to notice the gradual change.

Yay, you! You're so much stronger than I am. I could so not eat low carb. Tell a Japanese person they can't have rice or noodles? Yipe!
*grin* It's not easy but it's the only thing I've found that I can do.

You've lost much more than I have...I think it's just that, unfortunately, I've been where I am about five times now and I can see it when it starts happening.
Hee! Yeah, I realized that reading that other people were having success with their diets (like you!) really bolstered my spirits, so I thought I'd contribute. :)
yay, meri! my favorite way of recording my weight loss is in percentages. when I went from 200 lbs to 150 lbs over the course of a year and a half, i noted it as - now, 25% less kim! :)

Thank you! And yes, I'm a Very Large Girl. :) I can't remember when it was that I actually met you, but I undoubtedly put on weight since then. I was at just under 290 when I started this whole exercise thing in October, and am at just under 260 now. My goal is 160, which should put me at about a size 14, which is my target. So, yeah, 100 pounds. But, at least I'm being realistic about it, and only aiming for 5 pounds a month. :)
But, at least I'm being realistic about it, and only aiming for 5 pounds a month. :)

Realistic - and healthy! Losing weight too fast isn't a good thing; you're solidly in the happy 1-2 lbs/week range.

Plus, the longer one keeps a healthy lifestyle, the more of a habit it tends to become + the easier it can be to maintain in the long-haul...

Go, you!