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Victory! It is mine!

Ok, that's it. The apartment has reached "as clean as it's going to get." That isn't to say that there isn't still cleaning that could be done (even discounting the computer room, which was declared to not be part of this project), but that I have reached a point where I feel it is clean and presentable and where I don't have to worry about it anymore. We'll see what the maids do with it when they show up.

That's right, the maids are coming, and I'm still home. Yesterday's trip to the office reminded me of 1) how little work I get done there, and 2) how much I dislike being there. And, since I actually have work to do, we're staying home. I am, however, hiding out on the balcony. (Which would be much more neat if it weren't really hot out here (105° with heat index, though only 96 in the shade!).

Ah well, such is life.
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