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...the conversations that take place right outside my office door.

<co-worker the first> Did you know I can chat with singles in my area while increasing my ejaculate by 500%?
<co-worker the second> Now, is this before or after you enlarge your penis?
<co-worker the first> ... Oh shit, I missed a step.

I think I'm going to hide behind my office door until Thanksgiving or so.
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Those spams are hilarious. Most of them are so because they specify extremely precise percentages - I think the original one was 571% (five hundred seventy-one! Because it's important to be that precise when dealing with your ejaculate volume), and then there was an amusing sort of spooge-increase arms race that topped out, in my mailbox at least, at around 692%.

I also once took an average morning's wangspam and applied it sequentially - first adding two inches, then doubling, then adding an inch, etc. - and ended up with a 6'9" wang. And that wasn't even optimized! If I had rearranged them mathematically I could have come out even bigger, I'm sure of it.

I don't get many of the "meet singles in your area" spams, but they always amuse me, since there are only like three singles in this area, not counting the high school girls, and I already know them. What really gives me a chuckle, though, is the "somebody at work wants you!" spam. Given my co-workers, that's both hugely unlikely and really not positive if true. :)

This has been the Maine Spam Review for the week of April 21, 2003.