meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,


The new laptop from Dell arrived today. So far, this has been an amusing experience.

Dell no longer makes Inspiron 4100s, which is what I had, so I got an Inspiron 4150 in the mail. Other than the weird panels on it, this seems to be a win. Differences thus far:
  • 1.7GHz P4 vs 1.2GHz P3
  • 256M RAM vs 128M RAM
  • 24x CD/CD-RW/DVD vs 8x CD/DVD
  • Integrated internal wireless net!
  • Mobility Radeon 7500 vs. something I'm not remembering.

Of course, the 512M RAM module that I had from my 4100 is unusable in the 4150, which makes sense, but was not something I thought of. New RAM ordered, and old module given to dvorak for use in his 4100. dvorak is rather non-plussed at the whole laptop situation, which is only fair. I mean, he bought both the 4100s, and now I have a better laptop than he does. (No, he's not really upset. He's mostly just amused.) To be fair, I did offer him the 4150 in exchange for his 4100. But, he declined.


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