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Seeking: Spider Monkeys

I need some spider monkeys.

Really, I do.

Because, you see, I'm just about POSITIVE that spider monkeys could do a better job that our goddamned NOC is these days.

I'm almost SURE that we could train spider monkeys to NOT POST HALF-CHECKED INFORMATION to the entire userbase, and indeed, the world.

Especially if, say, the information they were posting, which, if it were entirely true, would be HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE to be sharing with our entire damned user base.

So, yeah. Spider monkeys.

( Alternately, I may need you all to come bail me out when I start killing NOC staff. )
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Haven't seen spider monkeys as yet, but I know where to find you some Capuchin....

Bit of a plane trip, though.

hee :)
They're down in Manuel Antonio Nat'l Park in Costa Rica. But they're cute little guys and run around quickly and probably would do quite well in a NOC

Gak. Sleep time. Way too late.
Spider Monkeys
Ah, the South American Spider Monkey, capable of flinging poo with all eight of its appendages at once, as well as launching webbing to catch bananas...
Re: Spider Monkeys
Right, so you can see how they would be an improvement over our current situation.
... I think we have a winner! Nicolai wins The Prize. Today, The Prize is a just-replaced-by-a-genetically-engineered-primate NOC Operator. Do with him/her as you will.