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Baby steps.

Ok, so it hasn't been a completely useless evening, I guess. I've done a couple of loads of laundry. I've swapped the little wooshy fan next to my desk for the big WOOSHY (but too loud to use at night) fan from the bedroom, so hopefully both areas will be more tolerable after this. I've put away the huge bag of random bathroom stuff that's been accumulating in the living room (don't ask; I really needed to stockpile hair dye). I've sorted out the rest of the laundry to be done tomorrow (4 loads, I think). I've found and put away the stash of freaky Japanese sodas. I've filled the candy dish in the living room (more freaky Japanese stuff). I have not put away, nor done, the dishes, but I'm not up to that tonight.

I think there was some other stuff, but I'm not remembering it. All in all, not a great deal done, but little bits, and I'm getting to the point where even little bits make noticable differences. I'm pretty confident in being able to go away Thursday and leaving a reasonably clean apartment behind me.

And now that the place is getting clean again, maybe I can call the apartment complex without having fits of "They're going to throw us out!" and get them to fix some of the things that have been kind of broken around here. The refrigerator that sounds like it's going through death throes every time the compressor kicks in. The drawer in the bathroom that is completely off its runners. The light in the master bedroom closet that has never worked in the 5 years we've lived here. The fluourescent tubes in the kitchen that are fizzled out, and replacing the tubes doesn't seem to fix it. Little things, but things that would make life a little easier. (Being able to see in the closet where I keep all our clothes for instance. That would be nifty.)

But there was a point here. Oh yeah. Getting things done, slowly. The big push this weekend got the majority of it done, which was nice. Now, I have the little things. Of course, in this whole discussion, you will notice that I have not once mentioned the computer room. There's a reason for that. :) That room is a project all on its own. 2 bathrooms, kitchen, pantry / laundry room, and the master bedroom. Those are my targets... this time around.

And now I'm babbling. So I will stop, I think. Once this load of laundry is done drying, I will put it up, then go collapse into bed and read myself to sleep. This sounds like a plan. Hopefully, that will be soon. Aren't I exciting?

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