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Oh, right.

Now, I remember the other thing that I wanted to curse trystero for in my post the other day.

I can no longer read any Fiest / Wurts without noticing the damned trick. Damnit, trystero!

(Who just had to retrieve the book after throwing it across the room after seeing the damned mechanic structure again.)
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At least in the Riftwar / Empire novels, each chapter starts with a paragraph consisting of one very short sentence.

For instance, I am rereading Servant of the Empire right now, and here are some chapter starts:

The breeze died.
The air was still.
The child turned over.
Horns sounded.
Breezes rustled the leaves.
The wet season ended.

Really, it's not a big deal, until you see it, and then can't stop seeing it, no matter how much you'd like to. So, uh, now you can blame trystero, too! (And, uh, not me. :) )
In fairness, I did warn you that it would drive you nuts before I pointed it out...