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Oh ow.

If you go view this, you are not allowed to blame me for the resulting headache.

Besides, it's LostVger's fault.

[Edit: Updated URL to my locally-grabbed copy.]
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You didn't happen to snag a copy of that, did you? I looked at it once, went to make a post of my own, and it is 404 now.
Thanks. That does bad things to my eyes. Bad and wrong. After a while I adjusted and was able to see it as a while, but, ow.
Problem for me was that I first looked at it when I was tired enough that my eyes were doing that already, so it took a bit of shaking my head and squinting to realize it was really there in the image. Until then, I was trying to figure out what was supposed to be so funky about it. Whoops.

I'm not the only one wondering what kissing somebody with two mouths would be like, am I?
I have no idea. I do, however, have sufficient booze to try to test this theory. Hrm. Stomach already mad at me. Maybe tomorrow. If you give it a shot, let me know if it works. :)