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Pardon me, have you seen my sleep schedule?

I appear to have undergone another weird sleep transformation. I have gone from not sleeping at all to sleeping every time I turn around. All in all, I'd rather be back to sleeping not at all, as I was at least a lot more productive then. And, when I do finally manage to wake up these days, it's too late to go do things. Argh.

Oh well, if history holds true, this will last a couple of months, then I'll be back to not sleeping. So, if I'm absent or distracted more than usual these days, I'm probably sleeping or wishing I were asleep, just so you're warned.
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Yeah, I'm trying to figure out if there's some magic way to average out the no-sleep and constant-sleep phases of my life. I'd really like to get on a somewhat even keel on this front. :)
I'd suspect that at least initially you're trying to make up sleep debt. Once you think you've slept off the debt (probably a week or two), I'd recommend putting yourself on a proper schedule -- always going to bed at the same time (horrors!) and always getting up at the same time (shock!). This is probably your best bet for getting on that even keel.
... schedule?



I don't think I've had an honest-to-god sleep schedule since I was in high school. Early high school.

What a concept.