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What in the world possessed me to start dyeing my hair at midnight?

I also forgot the all-important "petroleum jelly on bits you don't want dyed" phase, so it should be interesting to see how much of me turns out red.

Punted on going to Cowboy Bebop tonight, since I wasn't sure that my body would be cooperative enough to handle the tromping to Dupont Circle and the sitting and whatnot, and I didn't want to end up being a wet blanket on everyone's evening. Perhaps we'll make it next weekend.

So much to do tomorrow. Unearth the kitchen, unearth the living room, go buy booze, go buy tuna, go buy cake, cook tuna, have dinner with dvorak, fetch coyote's present from the office, go to party. Once at the party, I shall not worry about anything beyond enjoying myself until it is time to start worrying about getting home. :)

Hrm. I should figure out what the hell I did with the rest of my camera batteries when I came back from MA, and charge them. I am hoping that storage space will not be an issue, what with my nifty new 1G CF card. If it is, there are other problems at hand.

Hrm. I wonder if Motorola has a "how the hell to use your cell phone" guide on the net somewhere. I have no idea how to add phone numbers to my phone without syncing. I should figure that out.

Welcome to stream-of-conciousness meri, as I try to kill time until I can go wash this stuff out of my hair. I suppose I could be cleaning, but I live in fear of my shower cap leaping off of my head onto something that desperately does not need to be covered in red hair dye, so I'm sitting, very still, at the computer.

Oh, on the plus side, it seems that the cramps have mostly subsided to a dull roar. I had a couple of particularly evil twinges today, particularly this morning, but was mostly functional once I started moving around. That's always good.

I have many beading projects rolling around in my head, too. I need to sit down and actually, oh, do some of them, though. If nothing else, I need to use up some of these beads I keep buying. :) I think I should get a commission at Star's, considering how much I get other people to spend there.

Hm. I have no idea when my next trip to MA is going to be. How unsettling. I don't think I've been in this situation in many months. I shall have to figure something out. Any suggestions? I would like to go see Blue Man Group next time I'm up, since I completely failed to do so this time around (and, yes, all the other times around, but this was the first time it was really bandied about as an option).

I'll probably also be traveling afield for some bead shows over the month (damn you, lizzielizzie!), so I should figure out if I know anyone in Pennsylvania or whatnot. Or maybe get together with some of the Maryland people who I know from mailing lists and whatnot but never actually see. (I know you're out there!)

And I got called cute today. By someone who doesn't even know me. (Shows you what he knows!) Hee!

Ok, time for me to go do battle with the washing out of the dye. Back soon, hopefully not too red in places I shouldn't be. Ta!

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