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[meme] Alphabet things.

Because I am a lemming. Cribbed from entirely too many people.

A - Act your age? Never! Biologically 29. 28? *does math* 28.
B - Born on what day of the week? A Thursday. "I never could get the hang of Thursdays." Alternately... "It's sandwich day!"
C - Chore you hate? That's accurate, yes. Oh, not what you meant. Hrm. Dishes. Laundry.
D - Dad's name? John.
E - Essential makeup item? Lipstick, when I remember to wear it.
F - Favorite actor? Oh goodness. Um. Kevin Spacey, probably. Ian McKellen. Sean Connery.
G - Goal for the future? Lose weight. Find a way to do something I love to earn a living.
H - Hometown? Kailua, Hawaii
I - Instruments you play? Clarinet, alto sax, keyboard. None particularly well, these days.
J - Job title? "Technical Coordinator" Yours for a content-free world.
K - Kids? Gods, no.
L - Living arrangements? 1170 sq.ft. apartment, shared with a partner, an evil cat, and entirely too much stuff.
M - Mom's name? Natsue. Pronounced nah-tsoo-eh (more or less).
N - Number of people you've slept with? Erm. Um. I'm presuming this means sex. Hrm. Can I steal weds's answer? "Somewhere between 'experienced' and 'oh my god, what were you thinking?"
O - One embarassing CD in your collection? Wouldn't it be easier to list the non-embarassing ones? Hrm. I think I have an n'sync CD I got stuck with from a music club.
P - Perfume of choice? Depends on my mood. I love all sorts of scents, but can't wear many, as they give my partner migranes.
Q - Quote you like? "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." (Yes. Stranger. From Aeon Flux.)
R - Religious affiliation? Erm. Um. Can one worship digital photography? Web specs? Kawaii? I think the only time I've ever identified as a recognized religion, it was Shinto.
S - Siblings? None of whom I am aware.
T - Time you wake up? Varies immensely, and often happens multiple times a day.
U - Unique trait? Erm. I don't know. I am a bunch of little quirks.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? Brussel sprouts.
W - Worst habit? Procrastination. Sloth. Indecisiveness. Oh, I can't choose.
X - X-rays you've had: Gah. Too many to count.
Y - Yummy foods you make? Apple cider and onion pork chops. Shoyu tuna steaks. Southwestern bean soup. Herb pork tenderloin. I love cooking.
Z - Zodiac sign? Cancer. Crabby. Go figure.

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