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Oh, goodness.

So, I'm finally annoyed by the complete lack of reliable laptop in my life. As you might all recall, my primary laptop went all non-linear on me well over two months ago. I never received the labels from Dell to ship the laptop back to them, so I started using my old Inspiron 7500. I broke the I7500 two weeks ago by pouring saline solution into it (no, not intentionally, you ninnies). So, I've been using dvorak's Vaio, but 1) it's slow, 2) it has an atrocious keyboard, 3) the shift key on the Vaio is broken.

So now I'm back on the phone with Dell. Joy. I just want my happy little 4100 back.
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WPFS movies
Unrelated to your post but I know you were wondering.
WPFS schedule is "Tomorrow night is "Attack the Gas
Station," a Korean youth-gone-wild film ... it is
hilarious yet violent. It will be showing at Dr.

Next week, at Stetson's, (wpfs) will be showing "Jesus
Christ, Vampire Hunter."