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Between then and now.

Oh yeah. Rest of the trip, this weekend, and all that.

Let's see... Last Tuesday (yeesh), I tagged along on the monthly flatmate dinner with usagijer, delenn1122, tiny_rhino, dan, jehanna, solipsistnation, johnboy, mike, and trystero at California Pizza Kitchen. Lots of fun, entirely too much food. After dinner, we all went upstairs to (I swear to ghu) the "Love Sac" store. We had mostly gone up to mock the store, but we ended up really really enjoying the chairs. I am plotting housewarming present for usagijer and delenn1122. :)

After the Love Sac (boy, that sounded wrong), we wandered the mall a bit, and then mostly parted ways. trystero, dan, mike, and I went on a side venture to Best Buy, where we all completely failed to escape unscathed. (I picked up Donnie Darko and Good Morning, Vietnam.) Then, I followed trystero back to his place. We talked and laughed and I, once again, fell victim to the comfiest couch on the planet. :)

Wednesday, trystero and I shared a lazy morning of snoozing and talking and music geeking. Of course, he completely got me hooked on a new band, which required a trip first to Newbury Comics and then to Tower Records, and still ended up one album short. But, I have a good start. :) We then scurried over to Sudbury to go to Fugakyu for yummy sushi before heading back to Waltham to go to goom and rocko's for movie night.

Movie night was a blast. We watched Amarcord, which, well, was a Fellini movie. If you haven't seen Felinni, I am not going to be able to describe it. The dwarf nun seemed to completely break tom, though. The boy is much more fragile than I had ever anticipated. It was a good group to hang out with. In addition to myself and trystero, the crowd also consisted of goom and rocko (of course), lelle and daver, rbetts, tom, and prefect. Much fun, and a very very yummy apple pie.

After the movies, I followed lelle and daver back to their place (I saw lots and lots of Massachusetts via the taillights of my friends' cars), and we hung around and chatted and scritched the kitties until I went and collapsed.

Thursday, I woke up and became vaguely human over the course of an hour, aided by a kitty who decided I should wake up. Then I sat and chatted with lelle for a while, and finally packed up and hit the road to head back south.

The drive home was great. Wonderful weather, no major traffic snarls, the Merritt Parkway is a lot nicer than 95 in CT, made great time. I got to LostVger's in Maryland around 7:30, and hung out with him and played with his cats until a friend in crisis needed help, and he went to be of aid, and I went home, arriving back in Alexandria around 11:30.

Friday, I had to be in the office by 9:30, and managed to do so, just barely. My friday is best summed up by a post I made to gweepnews yesterday:

What the hell?

I had a great time on my trip up to MA, probably one of the best trips I've had, which considering the sheer volume of the sample size, is pretty impressive. I even really enjoyed my drives up and back down.

Then, I get back home, and have to be at the office at 9:30 the next morning, after getting home at 11:30 the night before. Whatever.

And then the allergy attack that left me unable to open my eyes for much of the day, while at the office.

Then, when we went out that night, my stomach decided to declare war on me at the movies, as did all the joints in the lower half of my body, causing me to have to get up and stand near the doorway for the last 20 minutes of the movie.

Get to the restaurant around 1:00 in the morning, and am feeling decidedly out of it. (So, yes, it's been a long day, since I left the house around 9:15 that morning, but hey.) Finally flee the restaurant and deposit people back at their respective places, and get home around 2:30, still feeling fairly out of it.

Take a long hot shower, and climb into bed around 3:30.

Woke up yesterday completely unable to move, as my back is locked solid. Uh. Erm. Ok. Finally manage to propel myself out of bed about 45 minutes later, and immediately vomit. "..."

I didn't feel queasy at all... unless I stood up. My back alternated between "hm, tight, ow" to "*unintelligible screams and whimpers*" all day. The couple of times I tried to eat, my stomach completely revolted.

So, I ended up spending all day in bed, pretty damned miserable, home alone. Today seems to be better, as I can get up and walk around without vomiting (it's amazing what passes as 'good' sometimes), and my back seems to have settled on "I'll land at 'uncomfortable and tense, but not screaming' so long as you don't, say, try to move quicky."

At least I get to go get backrubs today. Yay.

( Anyone know where I can find the body parts store? I have a few things to
RMA. )

And yeah, that was Friday and Saturday. I ended up bailing on all my plans for Saturday, which makes me sad, because we had some really cool things planned. Le sigh.

Yesterday, I went and had lunch with chichi and sitz at Sunflower in Vienna, which was, as always a blast. And very tasty. Then I went and ran some errands before heading up to visit LostVger. He and I spent the evening hanging out and watching Lilo & Stitch, and going to Borders and playing with Sam and Charlie (his cats). The cats have decided I am an acceptable human being, which is cool. It's so neat to spend time with cats who don't want to injure me. :)

Now, I'm back in the office, and I'm tired. dvorak came back from Las Vegas this morning, quite sick, so that's undoubtedly in my future. I think I'm going to try to get home at a reasonable hour today, and maybe put in some effort on unearthing the living room, but mostly just relaxing.

Aren't you glad to know all this?

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