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What a cheery evening.

usagijer and I did some mighty tromping today, running many errands. I now have a trunk full of booze (yay, Strongbow! yay, Vinergy!) and I picked up an awesome coat at Lane Bryant for $53 (yay, 70% off!). Then, we went to the awesome tattoo / piercing place that gave me the free bead to fix my cartilage piercing when I was a dork and frumpled it in February and got usagijer a spiffy new GweepNet logo tattoo. (I'm such a trend-setter!)

We then came back to 41+1, soon to be joined by delenn1122 and slarti. We even acquired dinner plans, and later ventured to Nancy Cheng's to meet up with gizmoek and zonereyrie for yummy foods. And ridiculous drinks. Really ridiculous drinks. Take my word on this. (Though, I did manage to keep a straight face when I said, "I would like a Love Potion, please.") zonereyrie was kind enough to order "Strange Flavor Chicken" so I could try it (and it was, indeed, strange).

After dinner, we came back to 41+1 (again), and watched Grave of the Fireflies. Now, delenn1122 didn't believe me when I said it was incredibly depressing, thinking that, well, really, how depressing could a cartoon be? She knows better now. :) '<delenn1122> That has got to be the most depressing movie I've ever seen. I want to go commit suicide now." But, we are watching Totoro to make up for it as we speak (erm, as i type?). I can't believe that this was billed as a double feature originally. Goodness.

Tomorrow promises to be another busy day, and I'm afraid that my batteries are winding down. I have to make it through two more days before the drive home, and then, well, the drive home. So tired. And I have to be in the office at 9AM on Friday, too. Yeesh.

Ok, on with the movie.
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ISTR this snippet of dialogue from a while back:

"I'd recommend that you watch 'Requiem For a Dream: The Unedited Version', if you think that 'Grave of the Fireflies' is too damn cheery."
All animations are not happy...
Oh, yes, Grave of the Fireflies is amazingly depressing (I remember crying during and after watching it). Another excellent animated film which deals with serious "downer" subjects is Plague Dogs. It's adapted from a book by Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, and the same animation team might have tackled it. It explores the topic of animal experimentation in Britain, before regulation and public outrage changed things, from the experimental dog's point of view. Very painful to watch (it's a tragedy), if you are an animal lover, but I thought it was very well done.
Vinergy scares the crap outta me
Booze and caffienne. What a great idea. Then people like me can be jittery and drunk all at once. Okay, I mean, I do that anyway with the bourbon in my coffee, but still, this stuff is scarrier than coffee by a long shot.

And what's up with making a drink aimed at women milky and opaque looking? Hello!?!