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Hey! Worcestery people!

Dinner tonight? Looks like I'm staying at 41+1 tonight, as audiogeek is quite the sick boy, and as much as I would love to spend time with him and kazmat, I really really do not want to be sick for the drive back to VA.

So, dinner? qedrakmar? slarti? zonereyrie? solipsistnation? jehanna? I'm supposed to let trystero know what plans are, too. (I'm going to assume that usagijer and delen1122 are coming along. :) ) Hey, we could go play pool! Ok, ok, maybe not. (I do have my pool cue in the car, though...) But, really. Dinner? Anyone?
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I spoke too soon. :{

His fever is back, and higher than it was before... and now he's coughing, too. I'm guessing he caught whatever plague Zoner had.