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15% extra gratuitousness.

Back from dinner in Marlboro with zonereyrie, slarti, frozencapybara, kviri, erajia, qedrakmar, jehanna, solipsistnation, usagijer, and delenn1122. We had yummy Mexican food, and delenn1122 won the pool as to what time zonereyrie would show up (7:30, that is). (And Zoner, even though we pick on you for the time thing, we all love you dearly. :) )

Am now back at jehanna and solipsistnation's house, tucked into bed, typing by the light of the laptop screen. solipsistnation made me a CD of mp3s to listen to on my way back to Virginia on Thursday which, when combined with the three XTC CDs trystero gave me, should keep me happily in tunes for the entire trip.

Tomorrow, I will be following solipsistnation into Worcester, so I can spend the day with usagijer and delenn1122, and there might be dinner happening with some of the Worcestery people, too. That'd be neat, as I don't get to see nearly enough of some people, like zonereyrie, and usually even then only in mob settings. Then, I will go up to Beverly and hang out with kazmat and audiogeek. I think I'm going to end up being lame and bowing out off museumy things on Tuesday. The arch of my left foot is still rather annoyed wih me, though not as bad as it was last Sunday at the zoo, but I suspect that it's getting angrier, and tromping around Boston all day probably won't help. :(

And I've now been writing this post for about 3 hours, because I keep forgetting it's here, so I should probably go to bed. (Well, already in bed. Should probably try to go to sleep.)

Good night, Gracie.
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