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Fall down, go boom.

Let's see... where was I?

Friday, kazmat came over, and she and lizzielizzie and I went out and terrorized the good people of Watertown and Newton. Well, ok, that wasn't our intent, really, it just worked out like that. First, we went and got yummy lunch at Lemon Tree Cafe, and then we went out to attack bead shops. It was gorgeous out, so the windows were down and the sunroof was open, and we had 80s music blaring, and singing along, badly, but with great gusto. :) We received many different reactions, but most fell into the "will not look at them, will not look at them" or the "staring openly" categories. Then there was the truck full of guys waving at us. So yeah, that kind of day. Somewhere in all the silliness, we even managed to go to a couple of bead stores.

After coming back, we did some quick beading projects. We made a bracelet for gizmoek for her birthday, which was hard, since we were working with orange beads (her favorite color) and none of us were all that fond of orange, so we couldn't decide if anything actually looked goo. We also made a bracelet, necklace, and earring set for me to wear to ManRay that night, since I somehow managed to forget pretty much all of my jewelry in Virginia. Then, lizzielizzie and kazmat helped me climb into my goth club costume (heh, I looked ridiculous, I assure you), and I loaded all my stuff in the car, and made my way to bouncingleaf and hamlet's place.

I actually got there with a minimum of fuss, considering I managed to skip entirely the first major step in the directions and had to backtrack a bit. Once I arrived, bouncingleaf and I chatted and laughed and hung around while trying to figure out what to do for food. We finally settled on beans and rice, which was yummy. Then, hamlet emerged from her room, and they both got all dressed up for the evening. Mmm. Quite lovely ladies, they were. :)

We ventured to ManRay, getting the occasional comment as we walked down the street, which was amusing. Once there, we met up with slarti and lagaz, and were surprised to see elfboy and murph_grrl there. We also saw pir there, who informed us that fubar was going to be there, but had to go home to change, because they wouldn't let him in with a grey shirt on. (Hee hee!) I had a lot of fun at the club, though my left arch, which had started bothering me again at the zoo last weekend, decided that it didn't want to play, so I didn't get to dance all that much, sadly.

We finally ventured back home, having one guy shout out to us, "Hey! Do noe of you want to dominate me?" on our way back to the car. Once back at the house, bouncingleaf wrote out directions for me for the next morning, and we all went and crashed for the night.

Sunday morning, I got up and dressed as quietly as I could, and snuck out to go pick up kazmat in Beverly. I made it out of Somerville with a minimum of confusion, only making a couple of wrong turns, but recovering easilyi from them. Yay! Once I had kazmat in hand (erm, so to speak), we went to Marblehead so I could see the ocean (WATER!). I had a grand grand time there, taking lots of pictures of the water and rocks and the people with their dogs. kazmat even got a couple of good pictures of me (yes, I will concede that such things can exist, they just rarely do). Then we went and grabbed lunch, where the food was yummy and the view was great, but the service was slow enough to cause us to be late to Girl Day at lizzielizzie's.

Girl Day was a lot of fun. Very mellow, interrupted by bouts of falling over laughing. :) I made a bracelet and gave it to Helene, and a necklace that I'm going to need to restring, because it's just too short for me. kazmat made another bracelet for gizmoek, and lizzielizzie made earrings for herself and xine out of the puffer fish beads I was distributing (yay, puffer fish beads)! murph_grrl worked on her insane cross stitch project (the girl's crazy, I tell you), jehanna did a variety of things, including something with rope and wire, before painting her nails, and lelle worked on a variety of things before settling on an origami project (ahem). (xine, of course, supervised. ;) )

Poor Carl and tefler showed up at the oddest moments, much to their dismay, but they survived. Once everyone packed up, we piled into our respective cars, some to go to the pissup, and some off to other parts of the world. On the drive to Hudson, I caught kazmat up on big chunks of my life, and we sang some more and laughed some more. Good time. :)

Onward to the pissup. Things didn't get as terrifyingly crowded as we had anticipated, especially since we did manage to get the entire upper floor of the 'Shoe. We picked on gizmoek, as was only right, it being her 21st birthday party and all. Lots and lots of people out, though, and a good time was had by all. Had fun delivering birthday presents to gizmoek. :) Was glad to see zonereyrie out and about, since he had a bout of illness and I was worried I wasn't going to get to see him while I was up this time. I don't think we scared bouncingleaf's beau Ray too badly, either. Gave delenn1122 the Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox that Nyarla and I had picked up for her at Torrid (and I maintain that was the good omen needed to get their house offer accepted; I mean, usagijer said she couldn't start collecting them until they had a house, right?). I even remembered to stay sober enough to drive. :)

Came back to kviri and frozencapybara's place after the pissup, where I got to meet Taichou and Makoto, the stars of harikonotora. So cute! And teeny! (Ok, not really teeny, other than everything being teeny next to packet.) Talked and gweeped for a while, then passed out.

Today, I went to lunch with geoffroi, which was good, as he didn't get back from Maine in time to make it to the pissup yesterday. Talked a bit, and ogled his phone. Then, I was a slug and came back to kviri and frozencapybara's place and napped, and am now getting ready to go to the standing gweep Sunday dinner, after which I will go home with jehanna and solipsistnation.

Yeesh. Ok. I go shut down now. Oops, yeah, dumping pictures off of camera (we filled a 256M CF card yesterday).

Bye bye!

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