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So, about that trip...

Currently lying on lizzielizzie's guest bed down in her basement, and as I am not yet awake enough for human interaction, I figured I might as well get around to posting the trip thingie from yesterday.

I ended up getting a later start than I wanted, finally heading northwards closer to 11 than 10, but, I got to have breakfast with Nyarla and deposit her at work (huey had stayed at work crazy late on Wednesday night), so all was good.

It rained the entire damned drive. No. Really. Sometimes it would taper off a bit, but I was getting rained on the whole way from Virginia to Massachusetts. Yeesh.

Anyway, I sent some poor unsupsecting friends email when I stopped at rest stops, so I figure I'll just put those here.

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 13:01:49 -0600
Subject: Status update.


Currently sitting at the Chesapeake House rest stop sitting on a conference call. (I can't find my headset, and with the atrocious visibility (yay, rain!) I figured I shouldn't press my luck with the driving. Whee.

Yes, still in Maryland. Ick. (No offense to Maryland, just wanted to be further along.)

Will be venturing back out once the call is done.

Oh hey, do the overhead road signs in MA have the 'heightened homeland security' alerts? (Does MA have overhead digital road sign thingies? Now that I think of it, I can't remember seeing any.) Every overhead sign I've seen so far today has had: "HEIGHTENED HOMELAND SECURITY ALERT! REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY TO 1-800-492-TIPS!" *sigh*

Maybe things will get less annoying the further I get away from DC (the Harbor Tunnel under Baltimore was closed, too).

Oh well, fingers cramping from silly little keyboard. Gonna go sit and listen to Dumb Company blather some more theb go grab some chai before continuing the trk north.

(shoulda got more sleep last night)

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 17:23:06 -0600
Subject: Oh, look. It's Connecticut.

Greetings from scenic Stamford[1]. I know I was supposed to let you know when I hit New York, lizzielizzie, but I was quite busy not getting run over.

300 miles down!

[1] Is it bad that, during this entire drive up the east coast, all these town names immediately translate to the original Erol's site codes and I start remembering what routers were there? No? Oh good. I was going to be worried there for a minute.

(Getting back on 95 to drive across CT which, according to keshwyn, apparently goes on forever.)

(Hee! Now playing on the stereo: "I'm Going Slightly Mad" by Queen. I think I'm a banana treeeeeee!)

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 19:56:51 -0600
Subject: Look, ma! I'm, uh, somewhere.

(So, you guys sick of hearing from me yet?)

I think I'm still in CT, but at least I'm heading east now. I'm currently (8:19PM, since I don't have signal so I don't know when this will go out) at the Willington rest stop, somewhere on 84E.

400 miles down!

(Uh, if you'd like to not get these little missives, send me mail, and I'll remove you from the 'random people to babble at' alias on my pager. :) )

(Now playing: Simon & Garfunkel: Sound of Silence.)

I ended up getting to lizzielizzie's place around 10 or so, and we drank mulled cider, and ooohed and ahhed over beads (I brought all my beads up with me, see), and talked for a while. Then tefler told me the secrets to getting wireless net working, and here I am.

I'm surprised, really, by how much I enjoyed the drive up. I was, all told, on the road (well, in the car) for about 11 hours, from 11AM to 10PM. And it actually didn't bother me. Even with the rain, and the traffic. I had a lot of fun, and sang my silly head off, and the time just seemed to fly by. I'm not sure what that means for my "wait, you can drive to other states!?" Hawaii mentality, but it's good to know that I can enjoy doing this. Though, I guess the true test will come next Thursday, when I drive home. :)

And now, I go see about becoming human for the day. I think that kazmat is going to come over and go out with lizzielizzie and me. And I should, at some point, figure out the logistics of tonight, such as when I'm meeting bouncingleaf and, oh, how to get to her house. (I'm so going to get lost!)


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