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Oh, another request.

For those of you with a sense of direction and some navigational savvy...

What's the best way to get from Virginia / DC to Bedford, MA? I was opting for the "get in 95N, stay there for a long time" method, but have been told that this will result in suckage around New York City.

Recommendations? Please to be keeping in mind that I can't navigate my way out of a paper bag.
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Look into getting off the turnpike by the GSP, take it to the Tappen Zee bridge, then take the road that links up to the Merritt Parkway.

Then Merritt all the way to Mass, then take the highway into Boston proper.

What he said.

Take the NJ Turnpike to Exit 11, and switch to the Garden State Parkway.

Take the Parkway North, past the ending, to I-287, and take that east across the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Follow signs to the Meritt Parkway.
If you're going to hit the Merrit around 5 pm, though, don't. Here, let me see if I can still do this navigation's been a little while, but I've done the drive often enough that I think I've got all the steps. :)

Keshwyn's directions from D.C. to Boston

  1. Take the Beltway to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway North (Maryland state 295).
  2. Follow 295 until you hit the signs for I-895 and the corresponding tunnel under Baltimore. (I cannot remember it's name.)
  3. Take the I-895 access road to the tunnel.
  4. Go through the tunnel. On the other side of Baltimore, follow signs for I-95 North.
  5. Take I-95 North through Delaware to the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
  6. Immediately after crossing the bridge, follow the signs for the New Jersey Turnpike. It will be well marked.
  7. Take the NJ turnpike north to exit 11-A, the Garden State Parkway.
  8. Follow the Garden State Parkway north through four tolls until it narrows down to two lanes. At this point, start looking for signs for the Tappen Zee Bridge and I-287 SOUTH. (You want to be in the right lane.)
  9. Follow I-287 south to either the Merritt Parkway if it's not rush hour, or I-95 North if it is or you miss the exit for the Merritt. (If the Merritt Pkwy has an accident or anything, it's not worth taking - it's two lanes each way and full of evil Conn. drivers. I hate it.)
  10. Regardless of whether you're on the Merritt Pkwy or I-95N, go east -forever-. Conn. never ends. (The Merritt Pkwy will become the Cross Expressway at some point. Ignore that and just keep going straight.)
  11. You will eventually reach I-91. If there are side exits proclaiming that you can get off to -get- to I-91, ignore them. You will eventually run into the real thing. Take the I-91N exit.
  12. Follow I-91 for about an hour until you see signs for I-84N(E? - it's been long enough I'm not absolutely sure that it's north and not east, but you want one of those two directions) via the Conn. state rt. 15. Take that exit.
  13. Follow I-84N for about 45 minutes, crossing into MA at some point along the way. When you reach I-90 (the Mass Pike), take I-90 East towards Boston, and you can get off either at Worcester, for which you need directions from other people, or at I-95, at which point you can get to just about any place in Boston.
Clarification of above: I91 North to I84 East in Connecticut.

From I90 (Massachusetts Turnpike), get off at exit 14 - the I95/Route128 interchange. You'll be on the Pike for about 1.25 hours, and there are a few rest stops, all of which are clean. :-)

Get onto I95/128 North. Take exit 31B - 4/225 Bedford.

Merge onto 4/225. You will go through 1 stop light, cross the Bedford town line, and then go through 5 more stop lights. Wave to Fujiyama on your right after the 5th light. A little way up the road will fork. Go LEFT to stay on Route 62 West. There are lots of signs.

Follow Route 62 West for approximately 1.7 miles. At about .4 miles you'll pass a church on your left across from Davis Road on your right. Keep going. At about 1 mile you'll pass New England Nurseries on your left. Keep going. At approximately 1.7 miles, turn right onto Sheridan Road. The streets go: Davis (with a Lutheran church on the corner), Duval Way, Sheridan, Bonnievale. If you pass "A Place To Grow" on the left, or cross the Concord town line, you went too far.

My house is the last house on the left, #18, red and white split level. Driveway is past the house.
95N to the Garden State Parkway to the Tappen Zee bridge/287 to I684 to I84 to I90 to rt 128.

Leastwise, that's how I get to/from the Tappen Zee.
Please to be keeping in mind that I can't navigate my way out of a paper bag.

"Hello? Anne? I'm... er... kinda stuck. No, not lost, really, just stuck. Well, you see, I accidentally wound up on the Merritt Parkway... and, umm, there was this really huge paper bag that fell off a truck, and and and..."

", I'm not sure exactly where I am. It's surprisingly dark in here."