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More weekend madness.

We ended up getting a late start on the whole going out thing today, as huey and Nyarla didn't get up until my second attempt at a wakeup call (10 minutes before the scheduled convening time), and LostVger was stuck in Stafford waiting for Sykotic to wake up. But, no harm done. We all eventually got around to convening at Nyarl and huey's, and then piled into the car to head off to the National Zoo. We took a rather... interesting... route to the zoo, due to road closures, but we got there with minimal mocking of my complete lack of a direction sense.

We had a lot of fun tromping around the Zoo. Yay, aminals! Nyarla got to see the wolves, even if they were quite passed out, and I got us lost around the bird house (again; yes, just like sitz and chichi and I did the last time we were there). We even got to see the pandas. Yay!

Somewhere throughout the course of the day, moyet had called, and we decided to modify plans slightly so she could come play. So, when we were done with the Zoo, we ventured up Connecticut (Ave, not the state) to Cleveland Park, and I found parking a block from where we wanted to be. We stood around and stared blankly at restaurants, and ended up deciding on "Seasons" (a pan-Asian restaurant). Yummy food. :)

moyet met up with us after dinner, and we went and saw The Two Towers at the Uptown. Yay! As moyet put it, "elf booty in giant proportions!" (The extreme shield surfing incident doesn't get any better with repeated watching, by the by.)

We managed to cram all five of us into the car, and made our way back to huey and Nyarla's. LostVger began his long trek home, and moyet and I hung out for a bit, playing with puppies and chatting. Then, I took moyet back to her car, went out and got some chai, and came home.

Long long day, with a whole boatload of walking. My feet were kind of annoyed at me after Saturday's weird shoe / walking fiasco, and then I tromped all over creation today. Yow.

LostVger seems to be dealing with my local friends just fine, which is quite cool. (We're a weird group. I always wonder when I introduce new people.) He still has some folks to meet, but I think he's encountered most of the primary characters now. (Now, if he joins IRC and survives that, we'll know he's a good fit for the madness. ;) )

And now, I fall over.

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