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Not the most successful sleep attempt ever.

I went to bed around 7. Finally went to sleep sometime after 7:30. Woken up by the phone at 8:40. And 8:45. Which was probably just as well, as I was in the middle of nightmare in which my life was in danger, and by extension, the lives of my silly friends who wouldn't leave me to face the danger alone. *shudder*

I would really like some sleep. Anyone have some to spare?
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Odd. Last night I had a dream I was in an earthquake.

Wonder what was up.
Notes to meri:

1. Try going to bed at night. It's generally quieter then and fewer people call.

2. When going to bed, and you really need the sleep, TURN OFF THE PHONE. If it's important, they'll leave a message and/or call back later (don't give me that shit about being on call. Being healthy is much more important than getting paged about a machine you can't fix, anyway).

3. Nightmares happen because your brain is trying to deal with things you refuse to deal with while you're awake. It's good to at least see that your subconscious has gotten it through its head that we won't abondon you, though. :P

4. Your life is not really in danger. Things will work out in the end, even if life seems less than rosy right now. Remember that your friends are your support system, and we're here to help you out any way we can.

Now, go get some sleep, missy. And don't forget food and meds!