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Schroedinger's staff meeting.

For those of you who don't know, I am the keeper of the weekly staff meetings. I send out the notices, I take the notes, I run the meetings. The only portion of this process for which I am not responsible is deciding whether or not we are having the staff meeting. That is up to my boss. He's been traveling quite a bit for the last month, so our staff meetings have been rather sporadic for the last few weeks.

I sent mail to him on Friday, then resent it on Sunday, then tried pinging him on IRC and via AIM today, and haven't received any response. Our staff meeting normally takes place a 3PM, during which time two of the nine people who normally are in the meetings will be busy moving one of the news servers, another one will be at school, and we're still not sure about my boss.

Do I schedule the meeting? Call it off? Just go to the office and see what happens? Argh!
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