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Plans within plans, and stuff.

Or rather, plans falling apart. Still haven't actually left the apartment today. I think dvorak and I have punted on the movie, since it got horrific reviews (Roger Ebert gave it an F), and while I still want to see it, I'll just wait until it's rentable. And since I didn't go out with Nyarla this morning, I still haven't had food. I think we're getting ready to go grab some IHOP or something. And I need to get a road atlas. And we need groceries.

But! I think midnight movie plans are still on.
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The Life of David Gale, starring Kevin Spacey. See, Spacey is for me, as kviri would put it, a "phone book actor." I adore him. But, I'm kind of leery after K-Pax, and combined with the fairly uniformly bad reviews...

What did you see today? Did you say? Am I losing my mind? :)