meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Weekend recap.

Ok, right, neglectful in the updating.

Last weekend, I surprised the gweeps by going up to Massachusetts for the monthly pissup without really telling anyone. A few people were in on the plan, including trystero (who provided airport transport), kviri, frozencapybara, and kazmat. jehanna and solipsistnation also knew, but weren't at the pissup.

Reactions were great. usagijer kind of slowed to a stop and blinked for a while. delenn1122 stopped, then took a step backwards. prefect stopped, stared, started putting his jacket back on to go back downstairs, to see if things changed while he wasn't looking. gizmoek wins the award for completely failing to notice I was there until it was pointed out to her. profesor kind of blinked at me, and then tapped palegrayminion on the shoulder to point out I was there, who then responded with, "I'm not at all surprised you're here." slarti said something along the lines of, "You're not supposed be here!" which was roughly zonereyrie's, u-steve, and Prowler's reaction, as well. bouncingleaf blinked and laughed, as did android. lizzielizzie, however, may win for best reaction. She stopped, stared at me, took off her coat, said "I have to go pee!" and went to do so. Then, when she returned, she came up to me and said, "What the fuck are you doing here?" (I'm sure I'm forgetting people, and I'm sorry if I've forgotten you, but it's been a long week.)


The pissup was a pissup, and folks drank and laughed and chatted and whatnot. Then, most of us went off to the RCN Marlboro building, which had been mostly moved out of. We wandered around and were nostalgic and silly and sad, and I certainly DID NOT pilfer anything. Nope.

Then, kviri, frozencapybara, and I went back to trystero's house, and we watched kviri's video of The Reduced Shakespeare Company performing all the works in Shakespeare. In 90 minutes. Really, you've never seen Othello until you've seen it performed as a rap by three very white men. trystero returned kviri and frozencapybara home, as I was quite comfy on the couch. Then, he came back, and we sat up to all hours talking.

And that was Friday.

Saturday, trystero and I putzed around his studio for a while, talking music, which was a lot of fun. Then, lizzielizzie and kazmat came over, and we all went out bead shopping. (Yes, trystero is heterosexual. Hee.) Many frogs and beads were purchased, and lizzielizzie got a job! Yay!

Then the four of us met up with usagijer, delenn1122, prefect, gizmoek, kviri, and frozencapybara for sushi at Fugakyu. Much food. Much much food. And we did our traditional "standing around in the parking lot in the cold" thing, and went our separate ways, me returning to Worcester with usagijer and delenn1122. We stopped by 41+1 to play with bunnies (BUNNIES!) and said hi to slarti and lagaz before heading out to delenn1122's mom's house to crash for the night. A nice calm evening at home, involving things like icing my knee with a variety of frozen vegetables (I fell at the restaurant in a rather unpleasant manner), talking, and drinking sake. Mmm.

Sunday, usagijer, delenn1122, and I got a kind of slow start, but eventually made our way over to Waltham where I was deposited at prefect's for brunch with prefect, kazmat, audiogeek, lizzielizzie, trystero, and gizmoek. After a while, trystero returned me to the airport, and I came home.

And that was my short, whirlwind trip to MA last weekend. I am never again going to be able to say that I'm not going to a gweep gathering and have people believe me, as this was a rather one-shot deal, but it was fun. And I have a zillion pictures to process and put online, but things have been hectic since getting home. I did miss seeing some of my favorite Gweeps while up, as I planned poorly and the pissup was the same weekend as Intercon. I particularly missed jehanna and solipsistnation, and qedrakmar, a pissup just isn't the same without you, though we did try to press arcticelf into your role. ;)

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