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Oh, very funny. (Where should meri live?)

Stolen from murph_grrl, from Find Your Spot:

The top 24 cities I should live in. (To be fair, I excluded the southwest, the south, and the midwest, and the plains states. Pacific, Pacific NorthWest, MidAtlantic, and New England ahoy!

  1. Boston, Massachusetts Hah! Ok, ok. I get the idea. Yeesh.
  2. Hartford, Connecticut I know nothing about Hartford. I think I flew into/out of there once as I was going to Springfield, Mass.
  3. Providence, Rhode Island All I know about Providence I learned from the TV show. Oh, and from my friend Kevin, who lived there for a while and told me that HP Lovecraft used to live there.
  4. New Haven, Connecticut Erm. Ok. Yale, right?
  5. Portland, Oregon I always thought that Portland was probably a lot cooler than I was giving it credit for. Maybe if I had seen more of it than my apartment and the GST offices, I might have liked the city more.
  6. Baltimore, Maryland Whoot! There's a reason Homicide was set in Baltimore.
  7. Danbury, Connecticut Uh... Erols/RCN has/had a POP there...
  8. Eugene, Oregon I don't really know anything about Eugene.
  9. Corvallis, Oregon I know even less about Corvallis than I know about Eugene.
  10. Albuquerque, New Mexico I have no desire to live in New Mexico.
  11. Charleston, West Virginia I have no desire to live in West Virginia.
  12. Frederick, Maryland Uh... Erols/RCN has/had a POP there.
  13. Medford, Oregon I know even less about Medford than I know about Corvallis.
  14. Bend, Oregon Guess what? Less than I know about Medford.
  15. Worcester, Massachusetts Hi, usagijer! Hi, delen1122! Hi, gizmoek! Hi, slarti! zonereyrie!
  16. Cambridge, Massachusetts I could see this. I've always liked Cambridge.
  17. Stamford-Norwalk, Connecticut Erols/RCN POP.
  18. San Jose, California Ok, I kinda like San Jose, I think. But, I don't know if I could live there.
  19. Salem, Oregon I don't think I can live in a town named Salem.
  20. Honolulu, Hawaii ... 20th on the list? It must be because I said I like snow. If I could find a job...
  21. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Uh. No.
  22. San Francisco, California I could see this, too. Yeah.
  23. Little Rock, Arkansas Uh. Not happening. Nope. No way.
  24. Washington, DC Can I be amused that the place I live closest to is last on my list?


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