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Hey, qedrakmar!

We've verbed you.

* j could drak the bandana over it
<meri> . o O ( <drak> ! )
<Ardaniel> ...
<j> heh heh
<meri> does that mean you would rub the bandana's crotch over the lamp?
* Ardaniel does not want to consider the definition of "drak" as a verb.
<Ardaniel> ...thanks, meri. :)
<meri> no problem!
<leaf> "too late"
<meri> bandana no longer looks like a word
* Bugged flees the drakking!
<Bugged> The Drakking hits -more-
<meri> "Don't make me drak you!"
1. adj. skeevy
verb the act of being skeevy
noun one who skeeves
2. noun one who has touble keeping his pants on

Synonyms: lewd, impure, sketchy, solipsitnation