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Stick a fork in me...

I think I am mostly done for the night. The apartment is now at the poin where I can finish the rest of it up tomorrow night, and have Tuesday night to go to Nyarla's and get my nails done and Wednesday night to pack. I'll still keep puttering around with laundry tonight, and maybe straighten up the bathroom some, but now my only real objective for the rest of the night is to get mute & ford's wedding present wrapped and packed for shipping tomorrow, and to relax. I got much done today:
  • 8 loads of laundry (so far...)
  • taken two boxes of bags i don't use anymore to the salvation army
  • taken out much trash
  • cleaned out the trunk of the car
  • gathered and put away all the randomly laying about music and data cds
  • put away all of the movies that have been strewn about
  • shelved a bazillion books
  • collected tons of random clutter rubbish (envelopes, magazines, empty shopping bags, etc)
  • cleaned up the area around my desk
  • finished cleaning off the coffee table
  • found 3 copies of the ORA Perl 5 pocket reference (...) and 2 copies of the ORA CSS pocket reference
  • cleaned up the area next to the bed
  • found an old box of jewelry
  • consolidated all of the wrapping paper stuff around the house
  • ate lunch (spinach and feta foccacia)
  • took a nap
  • rearranged some of the clothes in the pine boxes that I use as drawers
  • stowed innumerable things in the computer / office supply closet
  • Put away boxes of things that had kind of been sitting around for years.
  • found 60 or 80 hair ties
  • rearranged the couch, chair, and exercise bicycle to make all three a little more usable

I probably would have kept going, but I made a tactical error. During a rest break, I chose a Mike's Hard Lemonade as a nice, cooling, refreshing beverage. Shortly after I started drinking it, I felt all will to clean slip away. Actually, that's not true. My brain would still like to clean, but my body is laughing at the idea. Ah well, it did good today.

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