meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Going crosseyed.

Got home around 10ish, I think. Mail servers unhappy, IMAP licenses expiring, monitoring systems hating mail systems, and my knee still hurt from falling through the machine room floor last night.

Wasn't hungry, but figured I should eat. Went to go reheat leftovers from the freezer, and failed to find any. Not sure what happened there. So, I gave up and had a grilled cheese sammich and a fruit salad. That was deemed to be food by both ardaniel and usagijer, so all should be well.

I kind of cleaned up the living room table a little bit. Still failed to find my meds, but I got refills yesterday, so that when I unearth them years from now, it won't matter. (Hrm. That reminds me. My doctor's office called today, and then the pharmacy called. New meds to pick up tomorrow. Joy.)

I spent some time tonight making my very firstest solo bead necklace, using beads I bought on trips to bead stores with lizzielizzie the last time I was in MA, and beads that I bought at Beadazzled last week with Nyarla. This is, of course, all lizzielizzie's fault, as I probably wouldn't have gotten sucked into it if we hadn't made a necklace together my last trip up. Doing the clasp was kind of a pain, mostly from the 'run thread back through' perspective, but it doesn't look horrible. I did, however, discover that earrings are just beyond me at this point. I need to go and get thicker headpins and some more Bali silver. Your fault, lizzielizzie!

Tomorrow, I have the dreaded Internet Call, a name which never fails to make me giggle. But, honestly, the Internet Call is preferable to my plans for later, which include a cleaning at the dentist. Joy. And something else I'm forgetting.

Did you know it's not easy to find an old-school steel lineman's clipboard? The kind that every cable man and power man and water man on the planet used to get sent out with? Nyarla and I went to Office Depot today, and I tried to find one, but the best I could do was aluminum, and that wasn't what I wanted. Hrmph.

Oh yeah, and boot laces! I ordered a bunch of boot laces from, a place I found via bouncingleaf's roommate, but I was at REI today to buy some gloves (since I'm always losing my gloves, and REI seems to be the only people around willing to acknowledge that it's still winter outside). And, while I was there, it occurred to me that they sell boots, and if they sold boots, they probably sell laces, too. And lo! I find a pair of laces that are the right length and aren't a color that makes me wanna scream. In fact, they're nifty black and white stripes. So now, my boots can actually lace. This makes me happy.

Oh look. Looks like LiveJournal's finally back after being down since about 8:30 or so. Yay.

As always, plans within plans.

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