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On taking care of oneself.

I have fallen back into the really really bad habits I was in years ago. I'm not sleeping. I'm not eating. I'm not taking my meds with anything resembling regularity. The only good thing I manage to do is drink water. I drink lots of water. Oh, and exercising. I exercise every day. (Yes, really. Shush.)

But, like, sleep. I think I'm up to about 10 hours for the last week. I seem to be managing about 1 meal every 36 hours or so. And I last took my daily meds on a daily basis during my January trip to MA.

And I've stopped wearing my wrist splints, and my wrists are all pissed off at me about it. (And shoveling snow yesterday didn't help, either.)

And I'm spending way too much time at the office. (She says, from her office, at 10:15 on a Tuesday night.)

This is not so good. Bleah.
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The sleep there's less you can do about, although there are probably ways to help. I've gotten better about making sure I at least get 4-5 hours on a typical weeknight, but sometimes I don't manage that, or I get 2-3 hours, get up for a couple hours, then end up crashing again, which is worse. The best way, of course, is to give yourself a steady sleep time, which I've been trying (and failing, but less often) to do. I'm back to trying "go to bed between 9 and 10, get up between 3 and 4", since as I have no social life there's no reason for me to stay up late other than I like to -- getting up early accomplishes the same thing for me, though.

Getting at least one meal a day is easier. When I get home, I make food. If I have other stuff to do, it waits. It doesn't matter if I'm not hungry; if I don't eat, I'll regret it. To make sure I eat even on those days, I try to always have either frozen dinners, canned soup, or both in the house. No effort, and I can read or watch TV while I eat.

Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to win the lotto and have any schedule I want, which would also mean if I wanted to sleep at 2 pm, I could, and I'd have more reason to cook. I LIKE to cook, I just am usually too run down to do more than a really simple throw-something-in-a-pan by the time I get home on weekdays.

Now, on weekends I get two-three meals a day. Heck, I even made cookies recently, as you may recall. :)

It's this darned insistence by teh rest of the world on a 24-hour day with working hours being 9to5ish that's the problem.