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Let it snow, etc.

Friday night, I saw that Visions was showing Donnie Darko at midnight. Of course, I realized this at about 11:15, and couldn't really see out of my left eye. So, I plotted with chichi and sitz and LostVger to go to the Saturday show. Yay!

Saturday, I mostly did... nothing. Really. I can't think of anything useful that I did, until chichi and sitz showed up at 10:45 to fetch me. We ended up taking my car, and a really odd series of events took place. First, the snow that was supposed to start, didn't. Then, we got parking, easily, in Dupont Circle at 11PM on a Saturday night. And, we got tickets for a show that apparently sells out on a fairly regular basis. Sadly, LostVger did not join us, but we still had a good time. I really enjoyed the movie, and will definitely have to see it again, as I get the feeling that I'll pick more things on repeated viewings.

(Oh yeah, and now that I know that the parking lot next to Visions is open until 3AM on weekends, this is going to be bad for those weekend, "I'm bored, and everything is closed. Hey! Kramerbooks is open, but I'm not sure I could get parking!" fits I regularly go into. This is not a good thing.)

The snow started flurrying on the drive back from DC, but nothing significant really started until about 4AM.

Sunday, I was dumb! I got very bored at home, and dragged shodan out to go tromping around. We walked to 11-Mart, and that was quite a bit of fun. Lots and lots of snow. Ripley (the street we live off of) hadn't been plowed much, and we tromped around and flumped through the snow. This made me want to go out even more, and dvorak and I got it into our heads that we needed humidifiers. (It gets really really dry in the apartment, pretty much year-round, between the heater and the air conditioner.) So, I bundled up and piled into the car and set out to do my first real snow driving.

Getting out of the building was interesting, as I had said, Ripley had not been plowed, and there was about 10" of snow on the ground. Then, Duke Street turned out to have about 4" of snow, and things got entertaining from there, as I took mostly slow surface streets to get there, few of which had been plowed in any meaningful way. As I was driving down South Pickett, doing about 20, a liiiiittle sports car blew past me doing about 35-40. "Moron," thought I. Then, I got the pleasure of stopping a couple of blocks later to let him borrow my cell phone to call a tow truck to dig him out of the snow bank you had plowed into. I was mostly good, even! "Wow! Lucky you were driving safely! The roads sure are crappy today! Could you imagine how much worse this would have been if you weren't being safe?"

I ran my errands, and got my humidifiers, and started my trek home. I stopped to help dig out three people along the way, including 2 SUVs, which gave me no end of giggly happiness. I got home without incident, though the streets and the snow did their best to beat me. I'm vaguely disturbed to discover that I, the Hawaii girl, really enjoys driving in the snow. I'm sure that having an AWD vehicle helps, but dang, that was fun.

Later in the night, I was again bored, and I realized that had not yet taken any pictures of the snow, so I dragged shodan outside despite the fact that it was -7 with windchill, and we went tromping around the apartment complex taking pictures. Sadly, my battery died before my desire to take pictures did, but shodan and I had fun. We even tried to make a snowman, but the snow wouldn't pack. So shodan made a snowboob. "Look! Snowboob!" "shodan, your boob has no nipple." "Doh!"

One of the last bits from last night was kviri being evil and inviting me to go to Otakon with him in August. My first anime con. Fear. :)

And that was my weekend. Snow!

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