meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Shopping therapy.

So, I wanted to go to Beadazzled to find a coupe of types of beads to finish out the idea I got for a necklace while looking at all the beads I bought while shopping with lizzielizzie yesterday, so I dragged Nyarla out to Tyson's Corner with me. We went to Beadazzled, and I picked up a bunch of neat beads, including the dreaded seed and bugle beads, since Nyarla said I could make some neat earrings. And I finally bought some Bali silver spacers (hey, lizzie, I need to get that other Rio Grande catalog from you at some point). Then, we went to Sephora, where I didn't buy any makeup, but did get some hair clips. Then, the real doom. We went to Na Hoku, the Hawaiian jewelry store. See, I thought I was safe. Really. I mean, everything in there is so gorgeous, but it's also expensive. So we're going through the store, and I see this really beautiful black and white pearl necklace set in a silver metal. "Ok, probably white gold or platinum. No way I can afford that." "Oh, no, that's just $99.00." "... Hell, ok, well, there's no way it will fit." And, of course, it did. So now I have a pretty new ring.

A couple more stops, including a stop for food, and Nyarla and I are back. I'm armed with some new clothes (huh, Eddie Bauer carries merisizes. Who knew?), a new watch (yay, sales!), and a new purse (I can always use more purses). And a hat! I finally found a hat that does't make me look ridiculous! This is stunning, as I've been looking for such a thing for years. Hat!

And the MX machines are still broken, and I'm not seeing any way to fix them without deploying new hardware. And apparently we've deployed more accounts than we have licenses for, and it took us forever to figure that when we speced out the original system, we didn't include, say, the migrations in our counts. So that puts us off by several tens of thousands. Whee. Always a good way to make management happy.

On the plus side, it's looking like we're going to be turning off InterMail on Monday, the 17th. This amuses me to no end because Monday is my 6-year anniversary at this job, and because the last time I moved into mail (in February of 1998) it was to start deploying InterMail. The world, it goes in circles.

I think I'm going to give up soon and go home. I get to once again start participating in the single largest weekly call this company has, courtesy of some of the new responsibilities I've picked up. I counted the recipient list today. 157 people. 157 PEOPLE. Jesus hell.

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